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Weekly Live Music

Listen to live music on the patio from 6 - 9 PM every Thursday - Sunday. 

About the musicians:

Thursdays: Brian Roberts | Brian Roberts's music embodies a unique island-rock style that is the perfect blend of acoustic music and the island lifestyle.

Fridays: Jonothan Williams | Jonothan Williams has found himself in every musical scenario imaginable, leading him to song selections that cover over 50 years of biggest hits mixed with an attention to sonic detail and presentation borrowed from his music production background.

Saturdays: Cory Young | Cory Young has been playing country music with a dash of salt, a twist of lime, a wisp of smoke - Island Americana. Whether you prefer sipping a cool drink or hiking a mountain, these vibes will help you find the place where "Life Looks Best".

Sundays: Ty Thurman | Ty Thurman began playing music in small town Oklahoma the 60's, first learning guitar from his grandfather. Over the years he went on to play and sing in several bands, was winner of the NCSA (now West Coast Songwriters Association) "Song of the Year" award in 1998. Ty continues to be an active singer-songwriter and guitarist, often performing live at various Florida Keys and Nashville venues.